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We offer a wide range of top quality products that will cater for those who need selected breeders food for their pets, as well as those who need quality food that will fit their pocket to feed their loving pet and best friend. We are here to help; come in and we will advice you on the latest products that are available.

Adopt a pet and Save

Adopt a pet from the SPCA and bring your adoption certificate and you will receive the full 25% discount on all products in store.

Didn’t adopt a pet? Still get a 10% discount on all products in store.

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Food & Nutrition

In our range we cater for both breeders and pet owners. Whether it be a new addition to the family or an old friend. We are the people to speak to.

We stock food, treats & supplements for dogs, cats, birds, hamsters & fish. Some of the top brands that we stock includes Montego, Royal Canin, Mufasa, OptiMizor, Acana, Monty & Me  & Ideal.

Accessories & Products

Adding the right accessories and aids are just as important as giving them good quality food.

We stock accessories for horse, dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and fish. Some of the accessories that we stock are saddles, brushes, jods, halfchaps, horse leads, hoof grease, plush toys, Squeaky vinyl toys, rope tugger toys, ID tags, bowls, pods (beds), bones, hoof chews, collars, collar cords, water feeders, food feeders, dog doors, shampoo, tick & flea tablets & pour-on products, scrathers, litter boxes, travel cages & bags, dog kennel igloos, bird cages, mirrors, bells beak blocks, seed & fruit sticks, sekelbos rings, exercise balls, play barrels, hamster tube cages, cleaning products, drinking tubes, water heaters, air pumps, filters, water test kits, fish tanks and  fish tank plants to mention a few.

We will help you select the right accessories for your pet, animal or horse.