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Gut Health

Stiff Joints

Nervous Horse

The Ideal Supplements for:

Stock Horses


Endurance Racing

Triple Racing

Ideal for:

  • Stock Horses
  • Endurance Racing
  • Team Chasing

EquiDior Golden Performance

Your horse's health is important for the work you want to do with them, and bad health can affect their temperament. Their temperament can be influenced by many things, like:

  • Flexibility
  • Sound
  • Their surroundings
  • The comfort they feel in everyday life.

EquiDior Golden Performance has been developed specifically for those that want to keep their equine partners in peak physical, and mental health.

All horses grow old, it's a fact, but with Golden Performance you can keep them in their prime for longer.

Golden Performance is Contest Safe!

Ideal for:

  • Gymkhana
  • Showjumping
  • Triple Racing

EquiDior Showjumping

Showjumping is an incredibly stressful sport, placing great stress not only on you, but also your horse. The sport requires the horse to stay calm and collected, but able to suddenly use physically explosive and strenuous tasks.

For your horse to be able to do these tasks it needs:

  • Flexible joints
  • Well-developed muscle mass
  • large reserves of energy
  • The ability to cope under stress

In a physically demanding sport where physical and mental performance are equally important, EquiDior's Showjumping formula offers what your horse needs.

Showjumping is Contest Safe!

EquiDior Digest

There can be many reasons why a horse is suffering from sickness, and the treatments can cost a fortune. Digest is an all-natural preventative measure, that helps with:

  • Gastro-intestinal Health
  • supports liver function
  • Improving their general demeanour and ride-ability.

When the health and comfort of your horse is important EquiDior Digest offers what is needed to keep your horse comfortable and healthy.

Digest is Contest Safe!

Ideal for:

  • Triple Racing
  • Dressage

EquiDior Dressage

Dressage is a very taxing sport that requires great focus, as well as flexible and strong joints. EquiDior Dressage helps build and sustain the following:

  • the mobility and flexibility of joints
  • the healing of joints, and protecting joints from damage
  • Your Horses ability to perform taxing movements

The formula for Dressage is all natural, and helps with keeping your horse in ideal condition, for when they need it.

EquiDior Dressage helps maintain your horses ability to perform highly taxing dressage movements, and decrease the effect of stiff joints.

Dressage is Contest Safe!


All Equidior products are intended as supplements, and not intended to replace, or be used to diminish the amount of food intended for your horses.

All products are not only all-natural and will not overdose your horse, but also contest safe. Meaning you can rest easy knowing you are giving your horse the best.

Common Questions:

Q. Isn't the scoop size too small?

A. The scoop size is perfectly designed so that you give your horse the correct amount.

Q. What happens if I give my horse too much of the supplement?

A. Absolutely nothing will happen to your horse, but you might have expensive fertilizer.

Q. Are the supplements contest safe?

A. The EquiDior ingredients are all carefully checked against the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), The South African Equestrian Federation (SAEF) as well as the National Thoroughbred Racing Associations (NTRA) supplement rules and regulations to ensure compliance with these institutions.  All of the EquiDior products are registered through the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries.

Q. Are there any other benefits to using these Supplements?

A. Not only do the supplements provide your horse with the specific nutrients to support the sport and activity needed, but each supplement formula is also designed to boost your horses immune system, help your horse with a calm focused approach to their work, promote Gastro-intestinal health and aid your horse to absorb as much nutritional value from their food as possible, helping to retain their condition.

Q. How quickly until I see results?

A. EquiDior has invested in numerous case studies using a variety of horses in differing conditions, and has seen results for elements such as Calm Focus, Muscle Recovery, Joint Stiffness, and Gastro-Instestinal discomfort anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks.  For improved condition EquiDior has seen visible improvement within 4 weeks of product use.

Q. Where can I get these Supplements?

A. At Ncandu Vet Supplies, 19 Patterson Street Newcastle CBD.

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