Ncandu Vet Food & Nutrition

Dog Food

Dog and Owner

We have a wide range of food and snacks available for any type or size dog.whether you are looking for top quality food to breed with or you don't want to hurt your budget too much, but you still want good quality food for you canine family members, the food & nutrition quality can not be better, we've got you covered with top quality brands

  • Royal Canin (great for breeders)
  • Acana (great for breeders)
  • Montego (fits perfectly in with your budget)
  • Ideal (it is “Ideal" for your pet and your budget)
  • Mufasa (It's the best of both affordability and quality)
  • Field & Forest (It's the best of both affordability and quality)
  • Vets Choice (If the Vets choose it why shouldn't you)
  • Ultra Dog (Super healthy for your pets)

Be sure to know that you have the correct type of food and snacks for the  stage of it's life which it is currently in. Be specific when you purchase food for your dog and all of it's Food & Nutrition needs will be met

Cat Food

We also cater to our feline friends with top quality brands from breeders choice to regular pet owners, great quality which will perfectly suit your pocket, if you are searching for a place which caters for every single one of your pet needs you are at the right place.

  • Royal Canin (great for breeders)
  • Montego (fits perfectly in with your budget)
  • Ideal (it is “Ideal" for your pet and your budget)
  • Acana (great for breeders)

Whether you need to change your feline friend's diet to control hairballs, or to help stabilize urinary track infections, or to ensure that your fellow feline losses some weight, it is important to make sure that you give them the correct food for their specific needs, remember every pet is different.

Bird Food

We also have a wide variety of food for our winged friends, no matter the age or breed we got you covered. It also includes a healthy diet , we even have tempting treats, such as seed sticks, seed bells dried fruits, polly crackers, white sunflower seeds, peanuts and mineral blocks. We also cater for your hand-rearing baby birds with phase 1 and phase 2 porridge which will give them the nutrition they need to grow

  • PetSA
  • Marltons
  • AVI Plus
  • Delights

Sekelbos is a natural de-wormer, so make sure you have a toy that has sekelbos in their cage.

Fish Food

We have the complete diet whether you have tropical fish, gold fish or koi. Also going away on weekend trip should not be a problem, just add a weekend feeder block in your tank and your fish should we fed for up to 2-3 days. So we have your aquatic family members covered. We have all your aquatic dietary needs covered.

  • Aqua-plus
  • Tetra
  • Marltons

Hamster Food

For the best nutritional value and balanced diet we stock Marltons “Complete Diet" that consists of fruit and vegetables for hamsters that is formulated by experts. So we also have your cute fluffy buddies covered with the best that can be given to you and your pet, all of your fluffy friends' food & nutrition needs will be met